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For those of you who have not discovered the lovely place that is Sea Ranch, I suggest you do. Sea Ranch is a community that was born out a desire to emphasize a stronge linkage between design and location. The houses maintain the natural elements of their local materials and often share distinct windswept forms. Sea Ranch is one of those incredibly lovely and mysterious places, where time seems to stand still.

We have launched the Inside Out Occupy Oakland kickstarter!

It’s here! We just published our Inside Out Occupy Oakland Kickstarter page. For those of you who have been following our portrait project and to those who have not yet checked it out, please do and help us spread the word. LET’S USE ART TO TURN OCCUPY INSIDE OUT!

It is to live with a refined attention to detail— the flowers of the
season, the sound of water poured onto stone, the time at which
evening turns to dusk— not because these things will enlarge the
self but because they bring our lives into harmony with that
which transcends the self.
- Georgia O’Keeffe

imageGeorgia O’Keeffe (via cenizas)

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brasil cont…

Eu tenho saudades do Brasil. In light of my constant desire to be back in Brasil, I’d like to share photos from my travels there. Flying into Rio, I felt like I was coming home. To me, Rio is the most wonderful meeting place of city, jungle, and ocean. I could definitely see setting up in the artist town of Santa Teresa and getting my daily fill of açai. After Rio, I cruised up with some new friends to Bahia where I found a little piece of heaven called Morro de São Paulo. One of my favorite memories in South America was created while exploring that island…imagine walking barefoot with locals into the middle of the rainforest, only to be greeted with the fresh catch of the day, singing, and caipirinhas in under a handmade hut. Can’t complain, huh? I also spent some time in the beach town of Buzios, where the beaches were freckled with small fishing boats and Cariocas basking in the sun. It’s no wonder I constantly look up one way tickets back to Brasil.

I have always been attracted to spaces that play with boundaries of inside and outside, natural and constructed space. Here’s some eye candy for some of you who also enjoy such experiences.

LETS TURN OCCUPY OAKLAND INSIDE OUT. My sister and I, along with a small wonderful team, have been working on a documentary photo essay to demonstrate the diversity of Occupiers. Most people see the broken windows, arrests, and chaos caused by the movement, but this is only a fraction of the story. Our photographs depict the wide variety of individuals involved in Occupy, each driven by distinct motives. The strength of Occupy lies in the broad base of experiences and insight.

This project represents our participation in the Inside Out Project, created by artist JR. The will be posting large scale portraits around the City of Oakland. Please explore these photos on our flickr page follow our facebook to keep up to date on the project. We will be launching our Kickstarter video any day now and portraits will begin to go up this month!

Good ideas come from creative minds and provocative spaces. Our suffering economy and environmental threats are initiating unprecedented collaboration and innovative processes. This video explains such processes in the context of corporate capitalism.

What I have been noticing over the past few years is that we need each other and each others ideas more than ever. Finding solutions to our current political, financial and environmental crisis demands creativity and thoughtful partnerships. I see new forums popping up daily to facilitate the discussions that need to happen. Whether these manifest themselves as global ventures like The Hub or casual discussions in an Oakland bar, they demonstrate people’s recognition of the need to work together.

Fighting for Empowerment Through Art

This blog is meant to serve as a documentation of a varied collection of intriguing personalities, design concepts, academic debates, photographs, food ventures, and local events.

Welcome to my first post.

I’d like to share an inspiring example of a woman whose utilizes her body as a versatile artistic tool. After dancing with Alvin Ailey (my favorite dance company), Thaddine Swift Eagle Johnson has become a champion boxer. She blurs perceptions of the boundaries of women’s roles as she steps between dance stage and boxing ring. Thaddine teaches marginalized youth the power of artistic expression as an alternative to violence and crime, an important lesson that can be applied to conflicts around the world. The style of her artwork is inspired by her heritage and reminds me of some of the work I am drawn to on the streets of the Oakland Art Murmur. Her work is definitely a KO.

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